Advice to Myself

Forget about it. Don’t give it a thought. Turn it off, hide it away, and let it be. Remember to trust in the dark rather than the light. It’s a promise. The only certainty. Is it not better to find light in the dark rather than dark in the light? Don’t allow yourself to sit... Continue Reading →


Eyes of My Heart

I gaze out my window At the world in front of me I see the crowded streets of NY With people striving to be first I see the vibrant rainbow mud of the Yellowstone Spring There is the rock formation in Scotland Where a time portal is rumoured to be A herd of horses, leaving... Continue Reading →

Let Me Burn

I want to be like a firework Bursting with energy and color Unique and loud Dazzling and captivating I want to go out with a bang I may fade and decay over time Myself trickling into earth But I'll be branded into someone's memory My own little galaxy of time Also unpredictable They may not... Continue Reading →


Meandering through the oblong truths That only life supplies Worn and heavily treaded upon By infinite grasping hearts Wishing to understand all the wonders That come with living and the inexplicable realization that death waits around any corner hoping to attain your soul and grasp it to his chest as though to merge


We can't capture reality in any medium Our perceptions are too kind Reality is like A slap in the face A bucket of ice cold water Flashlight beam in the eyes Harsh. It's as if each book is missing a dimension that cannot be decribed in words It's as if every drawing is intricately designed... Continue Reading →

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