Spring Flower Photography

     I love flowers, but what I love most is taking abstract pictures of them (and macro photography of course). People tend to always look at flowers from the perspective of straight down, not realizing the beauty they're missing. I tried my best to capture them! Also, my brightness was really low when I... Continue Reading →

Modeling First

Hello! Today is a photography day;) For my class, we had to take some pictures of a model (not a real model), which happens to be my friend Hope. They turned out pretty darn good, and I thought I'd share a few. Most were taken at a local music and art festival! This one is... Continue Reading →

The Wave

*I think you have to tap the pic or else it cuts off the dyed part of my hair I love my hair. My friends love my hair. Random peope love my hair. It has its own nickname: the Wave. I get bored easily and always come up with new ideas for my hair. This... Continue Reading →

My First Pro Photo

This picture has the pleasure of being the first ever photo taken on my Canon Rebel T6! The funny thing is, I was walking around my yard and randomly came  across a seashell my mom must have put down for decoration. Just a random seashell, lol. Whoever invented the camera was brilliant: I am indebted... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

  Sometimes I wonder Are my dreams real What if my life is a dream And my dream is my life peaking through like a word that is always there waiting to have its say leaving its trace behind So I always wonder what if my dreams are of my last life And I've been reincarnated... Continue Reading →

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