Advice to Myself

Forget about it.

Don’t give it a thought.

Turn it off, hide it away, and let it be.

Remember to trust in the dark rather than the light.

It’s a promise. The only certainty.

Is it not better to find light in the dark

rather than dark in the light?

Don’t allow yourself to sit for an hour,

overwhelmed with many thoughts.

Forget about things you cannot change

or what you would have done differently

if given the moment to think.

Remember to go outside,

even if for only a breath.

The cool air skims your skin.

The quietness soothes your soul.

Listen to the silence, for it has much to say.

Find yourself something real – decide first

what is real, and don’t ever let go.

Understand that real doesn’t and could never mean perfect.

Your heart, that place you try so hard

to protect and fortify.

That place that always seems to be aching.

Stop jumping to conclusions about everything.

Yes, you have been right before, but you need to relax.

Don’t focus on what you cannot have.

Practice for when you’re older.

Let the clouds skulk in.

Hear the booming thunder.

Feel the rain slicing through the air

and the pressure it puts upon you as it builds and builds.

Let it go. Let it erupt and shower down.

And then relax. The weight has lifted like the last tendrils of a dense fog.

Look at that thing reflected in the mirror.

Pieces of broken glass crudely glued together.

All shapes, sizes, and textures.

Look at it, observe it, and acknowledge it.

Broken or beautiful.

You decide.


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