Let Me Burn

I want to be like a firework
Bursting with energy and color
Unique and loud
Dazzling and captivating

I want to go out with a bang
I may fade and decay over time
Myself trickling into earth
But I’ll be branded into someone’s memory
My own little galaxy of time

Also unpredictable
They may not burst
When you light them
And explode suddenly after you go to check

They may tip
And shoot off in the wrong direction
Dangerous and inspiring
In the same moment

They can be annoying as hell
Late at night
Drunken people shooting them off

Bang bang bang



Bang bang

No one forgets fireworks

Heads tilted back

Eyes wide

Gentle smiles

Quiet all around

Leaving an imprint in your brain

As the last of the color









Towards the earth

No matter how high they go
No matter how far they fly
They always shimmer back down
Towards the people…

That gave them light


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