Spring Flower Photography

     I love flowers, but what I love most is taking abstract pictures of them (and macro photography of course). People tend to always look at flowers from the perspective of straight down, not realizing the beauty they’re missing. I tried my best to capture them!

Also, my brightness was really low when I edited these so…sadly the exposure may be off:(


I love the simplicity of this. A weird fly creature on a yellow buttercup. Except it’s in black and white…you may notice that I have a tendency to make everything black and white;) The whiteness and brightness of the flower contrasts with the fly and background!

I’m not sure which one of these I like best…I’m leaning toward black and white. 


Look how it glows💙



I was looking for bees to snap photos of but instead, I found this handsome little beetle. Aannndd I might’ve been a little wary of the bees. They are huge!

This buttercup did a double take when she saw you! I just realized there is a blue bokeh in the right one…it’s bothering me, my hands are itching to patch it away!


This is SOOC: no editing at all!

The purple blur is actually another flower; if you want a unique flower photo, try shooting through a flower to another.


The background is the siding of my house, but I bet you wouldn’t have known if I had not pointed it out! This proves photos can be taken anywhere; ya just gotta be creative.




And…I’ll end with this one:)

I will admit, I took 70 photos! It was so hard to pick only a few.

You may have noticed my pictures seem a little blurry. That can be attributed to my lens, the 50mm 1.8. It’s aperture has 7 pieces which gives it the bokeh and dreamy affect. But sadly,  paired with extension tubes, it has a smaller area of focus. I don’t mind though, it gives my photos a unique feel.

Thanks for checking out my photography!!!

All of these photos are property of Morgan Faith Shelhamer and should not be used or copied without permission from the author (me).

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