*photo from Pexels The majority We learn, is probably always wrong Enlightenment trumps



my photo Tomorrow  is here Yesterday has slipped away Present is my tense

Dusty Thoughts

photo from Pexels The soft dust collects in the attic of her mind ignored for so long   When I see elderly people, the ones who can barely walk, much less drive (but still do), can't take care of themselves, and seem so frail, it makes me think. Sure, there are some brilliant stories written... Continue Reading →


Photo from Pexels Squinting your lashed eyes Against the bright yellow sun The truth does blind all

I’ve Been Thinking…

Lately, I've been thinking. Well, a lot more than usual. I get awesome grades but still complain about them; I am so lucky but still think about everything I could have; I have talent but still feel worthless. And that can get tiresome. On the other hand, though, I realize that this helps me: to... Continue Reading →


*photo from Pexels   i wish i could fly away from the prying eyes of this bastard world  

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