Hidden Meaning Is In Everything…Or Is It?

In my English class at school, we are currently learning how to analyze poems...and it's kind of hard. I have no idea what poems you like to read, but ours are written in the "before" centuries, and, of course, all by men so far. Also, our teacher makes us find hidden meaning in everything. Everything.... Continue Reading →


No Matter

No matter how lost you feel No matter how bad your low you can never have a sadder soul than those drowning in the Dust Bowl no matter how much it hurts no matter how much you've lost you can't have lost more than those fighting the Depression Father: When you lose your home your... Continue Reading →

I Wonder

  Sometimes I wonder Are my dreams real What if my life is a dream And my dream is my life peaking through like a word that is always there waiting to have its say leaving its trace behind So I always wonder what if my dreams are of my last life And I've been reincarnated... Continue Reading →


     By now, everyone knows about the horrific shooting at Parkland HS in Florida. Seventeen were killed. Seventeen friends, lovers, daughters, sons, and humans. At the hand of one boy with a semi-automatic gun. It's the first time in many years where high schoolers are rallying together. It's beautiful to watch them come together... Continue Reading →

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