Advice to Myself

Forget about it. Don’t give it a thought. Turn it off, hide it away, and let it be. Remember to trust in the dark rather than the light. It’s a promise. The only certainty. Is it not better to find light in the dark rather than dark in the light? Don’t allow yourself to sit... Continue Reading →


Eyes of My Heart

I gaze out my window At the world in front of me I see the crowded streets of NY With people striving to be first I see the vibrant rainbow mud of the Yellowstone Spring There is the rock formation in Scotland Where a time portal is rumoured to be A herd of horses, leaving... Continue Reading →

Let Me Burn

I want to be like a firework Bursting with energy and color Unique and loud Dazzling and captivating I want to go out with a bang I may fade and decay over time Myself trickling into earth But I'll be branded into someone's memory My own little galaxy of time Also unpredictable They may not... Continue Reading →

Fourth of July Party

To be honest, this party actually happened on June 30th, I've just been procrastinating! A farm I used to work at, before it closed, has this party every year, and it's pretty darn fun. Joining me is Lydia from A Bit of Life . We worked together for three years at this farm, and it's... Continue Reading →

Random Summer Day Photography

I haven't done a photography post in a while. I took most of these last night during the golden hour (30 min before sunset) and soon after it had been raining. This one was edited in Photoshop, only so that the background would be black and smooth. Here's some of the wet lilies...remember to click... Continue Reading →


Trying not fail That ship has sailed I do my best and am congratulated But I feel like I could always do better Ok, so this isn't actually a poetry post. The poem was just a red herring. I've decided to run a little experiment. I've wondered for a long people actually read posts... Continue Reading →


If I could become invisible Well, who knows what I would do I'd play it by ear The heat of the moment as Asia would say I might walk around at night Safe from all predators Human or not Listen to conversation The intimate kind people have When they think they are all alone Trash... Continue Reading →

Panic! At the Disco

Hello! This is kinda random, but I just wanted to say that Panic! At the Disco's new album, Pray for the Wicked, has been released(it was actually released Friday but..). I know you guys probably don't listen to them or maybe have never heard of them. Try something new! Every song is catchy: Brendan Urie... Continue Reading →

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